About Me

About Me

My name is Shaquille Johnson, and I'm a senior studying Computer Science at the University of Notre Dame. I have a strong interest in computer security and networks and I'm a lover of Linux and the freedom it gives. In fact I am an active member of my schools Linux User Group and often give advice and talks on building web applications. I grew up in many places and I'm a firm believer that if you stop growing, you die.


I think that Computer Science, moreso than many other fields, has the chance to change the world in a way that reaches the most people and absolutely changes everything that they do. I think that with Computer Science I can do so much more to change the world and have a positive impact on the lives of people.

Fun Facts

When I was 18 I saved 5 different people as a Life Guard. One kid I saved at least 3 times.

When I was 16 I started living alone.

When I was 15 I went to my first hackathon! I've been to about a dozen since.

And I moved 13 times before I was 13 years old. If you want to know anything about me, just ask!

  • BoilerMake 2017, awarded Best Mixmax App
  • MHacks 7 Python Mentor
  • Irish Hacks 2014, 2nd place overall
  • MIT Engineering Experience Speaker 2012

Work Experience

September 2018 - Present


iOS, Android and Embedded Systems work.

June 2017 - August 2018

Reddit, Inc.

Solved hard, important problems.

August 2016 - May 2017

Project Hydra

Created Go web applications that would be more reliable and scalable to replace current outdated php applications.

Summer 2016

Center for Open Science

Worked on a variety of Projects including building new applications in Ember/Django, creating web crawlers to mine metadata for an NSF research repository and redesigning backend data structures to expand on new features.

May 2014 - May 2016

Office of Academic Technologies

Independently built projects that could be seen as having a positive impact on campus life in some way. Projects included location sensing phone applications using iBeacons, room mapping software using Google Project Tango, and innovation of social platforms utilizing virtual reality.

Summer 2015

Bowman Creek EE

Built Matlab models that would locate the agriculturally best place for drainage ponds to be placed. Participated in many meetings and beauracratic processes to engage with the community and leadership.


Computer Science | B.S. - 2017

University of Notre Dame

Robotics | MIT Engineering Experience - 2012

Massachussets Institute of Technology


Working towards 100% proficiency.

Python 80%




C++ 70%






Linux ??? (There's so much to learn)
Embedded Systems 65%


Raspberry PI


Command Line 45%



Go 10%


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